Phosphate coating is a metal surface preparation process, providing various properties such as anti-corrosion, adhesion, wear resistant, etc. Thai Parkerizing can provide the process coating according to various type of metal and customer’s requirement.


Phosphate is a conversion process that generate phosphate crystal or film layer on metal surface, providing various properties such as anti-corrosion, adhesion, wear resistant, etc.

Phosphate process also known as PARKERIZING process, PAKER process, Bond or Bonderizing, and Lubulite.

Thai Parkerizing can provide various types of phosphate treatment services as follow,

Zinc / Zinc-Calcium Phosphate
provide anti-corrosion, increase adhesion properties and also enhancing cold forming performance with stearate soap lubricating process (metal soap process) for various steel material.

Manganese Phosphate
provide wear resistance property such as anti-seizure when material is abrasion with another material, improves oil retention performance and also useful to control friction for various steel material.

Chromate / Non-chromate conversion coating
provide anti-corrosion and increase adhesion properties for Aluminum material.


Thai Parker has continuously improved and developed our production processes and management system until we received the quality and environmental management system certifications.

  • ISO 9001-TOTAL SITE (2021-2024)
  • ISO14001

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ico-feature Feature
  • Increase rust prevention and corrosion resistance properties
  • Increase adhesion property
  • Increase wear resistance
  • Pre-treatment of cold forming process(metal soap) to lubricate and reduce friction
ico-application Application
  • Automotive parts: Camshaft, Shaft Axel, Engine Bolt, Gear, Bracket, Pin, Washer
  • Motorcycle parts: Washer
  • Electric appliances parts: Pore Core, Rotor Core, Pinion Shaft, Accumulator
  • Electronic components: Pulley