Coil Coating

Functional surface treatment chemicals for adding corrosion resistance, anti-finger print property and design features to metal sheet (steel coil).


Chemical products specially coating on metal sheet (steel coil), can be applied on many type of steel such as Hot dip galvanize steel (GI, GA), Galvalume (Aluminum-Zinc alloy coated sheet steel) or Zinecalume (GL), and Electro Galvanize (EG).

There are 2 types of coating chemical, Chromate and Non-Chromate type. The chemical coating on steel sheet is intended to prevent corrosion, as a primer for painting, or for other special properties, such as anti-finger print and etc.

ico-feature Feature
  • Corrosion protection
  • Paint base
  • Anti-finger print
  • Good appearance
  • High efficiency Lubricity
ico-application Application
  • Roof, body of appliances, construction structure
Product type

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