Trivalent Chromium/Non-Chromium

Trivalent chromium and non-chromium are chemicals for coating on aluminum surface, to prevent corrosion and is a surface preparation before painting process (paint base).

Trivalent Chromium/Non-Chromium

Trivalent chromium and non-chromium chemicals, specially designed for aluminum and its alloys. They can be applied by either dipping or spraying. 

The coating film will help to inhibit corrosion and being an excellent pre-treatment for increase adhesion property of paint or other organic coating. Can be divided into 2 types, which are

  • Trivalent Chromium (Cr3+) Chemical that have Cr3+ as composition
  • Non-Chromium Chromium-free chemicals


Thai Parker has continuously improved and developed our production processes and management system until we received the quality and environmental management system certifications.

  • ISO9001
  • ISO14001 (22 Sep 22)

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ico-feature Feature
  • Increase anti-corrosion property
  • Increase adhesion property for paint base, organic base
ico-application Application

Trivalent chromium

  • Motorcycle part: clutch cover, brake shoe


  • Automobile part: aluminum wheel, evaporator
  • Food industries : aluminum can
Product type

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