Salt bath soft nitriding (Isonite®)

ISONITE is salt bath soft nitriding process, providing various properties such as fatigue resistance, heat resistance, wear resistant, low distortion and high hardness, which can be applied to several type of steel such as carbon steel, sintered metal, low alloy steels, stainless steels, cast irons and high alloy steels. Thai Parkerizing can provide ISONITE process according to various type of metal and customer’s requirement.

Salt bath nitriding (ISONITE®)

ISONITE is the salt bath soft nitriding process, generate a compound layer and diffusion layer by nitrogen and carbon diffusing into the steels. 

The compound layer improves hardness and wear resistance, the diffusion layer increases fatigue endurance limit without changing the toughness of the core. 

ISONITE treatments can be applied to several type of metal material such as carbon steel, sintered metal, low alloy steels, stainless steels, cast irons and high alloy steels.

Moreover, Thai Parkerizing Co., Ltd. can be applied Salt Quench technique: SQP and QPQ to raise anti-corrosion and wear resistance properties of parts after ISONITE process.

SQP is a process that carry out oxide film over the compound layer after ISONITE process to increase wear and corrosion resistance.

QPQ is a process that added after ISONITE and SQP to increase wear resistance, anti-corrosion and improve fatigue.


Thai Parker has continuously improved and developed our production processes and management system until we received the quality and environmental management system certifications.

  • ISO 9001-TOTAL SITE (2021-2024)
  • ISO14001

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ico-feature Feature
  • Low distortion
  • Most ferrous metals including high alloy steel and stainless steels can be treated
  • Fatigue resistance
  • Heat resistance
  • Increase anti-corrosion ability
  • Material tensile strength is enhanced
ico-application Application
  • Automotive and motorcycle parts: crankshaft, differential case, pinion shaft, bearing parts, disk brake system etc.
  • Machine parts: mold, die
Product type

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