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Thailand Corrosion and Prevention Conference 2017 (TCPC2017)

The corrosion is one of the most underrated problems in the world of materials because processes are often very slow and microscopic, but when corrosion- induced failure occurs, it is catastrophic.

The conference was aimed to create a knowledge-experience sharing platform linking among industrial sectors, academic institutes and research agencies in a corrosion technology field. It will help to promote fruitful collaborations between academic institutes and societies in order to sustain our reliable infrastructures and components according to “Smart industry + Smart city + Smart people” concept in Industry 4.0.

Thai Parkerizing participated as an organizer and exhibitor in this conference.

Exhibition: Booth no. 16
Date : 2 – 3 November, 2017
Time : 9.00 – 16.30 hrs.
Place : Jomtien Palm Beach, Pattaya, Thailand
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