Zinc Phosphate/Iron Phosphate

Phosphate process provide various abilities such as anticorrosion, increase adhesion property for metal surface. Thai Parkerizing can propose suitable process for customers, according to various metals and requirements.

Zinc Phosphate/Iron Phosphate

Zinc Phosphate / Zinc-Calcium Phosphate / Iron Phosphate are surface treatment chemicals that creating crystals or film Phosphate to prevent corrosion and preparing surface before entering next process such as painting, gluing, or coating with stearate soap for reducing size process. 

It can be applied with wide range of materials such as steel, galvanized steel, high tensile steel, cast iron, steel wire, steel pipe and aluminum. 

Phosphating chemicals are product that have an important role in supported the development of various industrial groups such as automotive & auto parts, electric appliances, furniture and steel industry. 

We intend to develop products and services to meet customer’s requirement in terms of quality, price, delivery and safety as well as environmentally friendly products with our best technology and service mind.

ico-feature Feature
  • Increase the efficiency of rust prevention and corrosion resistance
  • Being as a primer for painting and gluing rubber Increase adhesion ability
  • Increase Wear resistance ability
  • Helps to lubricate and reduce friction for cold forming as a pretreatment for cold forging
ico-application Application
  • Car body, Automotive Part, Motorcycle frame, Wire, Appliance part
Product type

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