Electroless Nickel Plating (Kanigen®)

Kanigen is electroless Nickel plating process (EN plating),
can control plating thickness film with high accuracy to overall parts and can provide various abilities such as high hardness, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, etc.

Electroless nickel plating (Kanigen®)

Kanigen (Electroless Nickel plating: EN plating) generate glossy smooth Nickel plating film to overall parts surface.

It is possible to plate on various types of material and various forms of components. It has superior qualities in thickness uniformity, corrosion resistance and abrasion resistance. Electroless plating intends to prolong the life of the material itself and further improve the material’s characteristics.

Name “Kanigen” was adopted by combining the first syllable from the words C(K): Catalytic, Ni: Nickel and Gen: Generation Kanigen has been registered as Trademark of Electroless Plating in Japan by Nihon Kanigen (Group Company of Nihon Parkerizing)

ico-feature Feature
  • Smooth coating of surface
  • Amorphous(non-porous) plating film
  • Available apply to Steel and Aluminium.
  • High hardness
  • Uniform coating overall surface even for complicated shape
  • Available tight range thickness control
  • High anticorrosion ability
  • Wear resistance
  • Against high temporary and high alkaline condition
ico-application Application
  1. Automotive / motorcycle parts
    Engine piston, Delivery pipe, Fuel pipe, Turbo-charger

    Drive/ Transmission parts

    Pinion shaft, EPS shaft, CVT parts, Difference washer, Power steering parts, Clutch cam plate and Hub

    Suspension/Brake parts

    Break piston, Wheel cylinder, Drum break, Anchor pin, ABS/ASC parts.
  2. Electrical parts/components
    Lead frame, Air conditioning part (Scroll, Shoe, Vane), Airbag ECU parts, power control unit PCU.
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