Safety Policy

Safety, Occupational Health and Working Environmental Policy

Thai Parkerizing Co., Ltd. is a producer and distributer of cleaning chemicals, pre-treatment chemical, rolling oil chemicals, rust preventive products, and treatment services for metal parts. We are aware that occupational health and safety management systems, including disaster prevention are important by establishing a safety management policy, in order to achieve zero work accident target as follows:

  1. The company will fully comply with relevant safety, occupational health and environmental laws, regulations according to international standards and company regulations.
  2. The company considers every employee as a valuable resource. Therefore, safety, occupational health and working environmental of employees is considered as an important policy of the company.
  3. The company encourages employees to work in safety by supporting the development and improvement of working environment and working methods to ensure work safety. As well as providing tools and safety equipment sufficient for work condition, motivate employees to be aware of dangers that might occur while working, advice and explain the causes and methods of prevention. Together with, raising awareness about safety at work which is the first responsibility for every employee.
  4. The company provides development of safety, occupational health and working environment management systems in accordance with the laws, international standards and other requirements that the company has applied, in order to create a working safety culture for employees, business partners, contractors and visitors or to work within the company continuously and sustainably.
  5. The company continuously supports the policy on search and assessment hazardous activities (Completely Check Completely Find Out), in order to achieve zero accident target both in and outside of work.
  6. The company promoting for human resources, time, budget and efficient training, in order to support all employees to work safely.
  7. The company assumes that all employees are involved in the prevention of accidents. The company welcomes for receiving suggestions, comments from employees, which will be taken into consideration and revised as appropriate to ensure safety of employees as much as possible.